#4 How we work — System integration

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It is a combination of all hardware and software components (subsystems) into one working unit, which will work as efficiently as possible.


The recent trend is to use systems in modes:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The SaaS platform is most often used for agendas that do not relate directly to the client’s core business. Parts of major business systems are moving more and more into the cloud.

IaaS primarily serves to outsource infrastructure management outside the client’s company, which brings certain benefits, but also complications.

PaaS is a cloud computing model that gives users access to information and technology platforms: operating systems, database management systems, middleware, development tools and testing.

In this model, all information technology infrastructures, including computer networks, servers, storage systems, are fully managed by the provider.
In addition to these options, it is possible to talk about the so-called hybrid solution — Hybrid Cloud.


A hybrid cloud is an environment that combines the public cloud and the company’s private resources, perhaps in the form of a private cloud.
This combination allows data and applications to be shared between them. As a demand for computing resources fluctuates, Hybrid Cloud provides clients with the ability to seamlessly adapt their infrastructure capacity to handle any data load without allowing third-party data centers to access all of their data.
Organizations gain the flexibility and computing power of the public cloud for basic and insensitive computing tasks. At the same time, they securely keep business-critical applications and data secure behind the enterprise firewall.


There are many areas in Cloud Solutions where you need to consider what direction to implement. In addition to the risks these solutions bring, there are many benefits that need to be properly utilized. We have experience in implementing MS Azure for large clients and we are also a certified CSP partner of Microsoft. This partnership brings many benefits for our clients, as we are able to deliver very advantageous license conditions outside the services of the CSP Microsoft program.
Of course, we are not just consumers of big company services, but we also run our own Cloud infrastructure where our applications run for internal use or for our clients. For this purpose we cooperate with data center operators certified TIER 3 or TIER 4 and we are also able to provide hosting services for less complex solutions of our clients with the help of our partners.



The IOOSU portal was created as an information portal first for internal audit and later for the public. In the public zone, it contains generally available information related to the collection of data in the central register, links to methodological materials, currently registers and code lists. The private zone is intended for authorized persons of the institute or authorized external staff.

All members of the Denevy team act as true professionals in their field and are able to perform their duties carefully and efficiently. In the event of a team member failing, Denevy is able to provide adequate replacement in record time.

Pavel Kreipl
Senior Manager, IOOSU



The aim of the project was to provide detailed data for the proposal of possible implementation of migration of individual communication and email solutions with regard to the effectiveness of the subsequent use of Central Group.

As a supplier, Denevy has really proven itself to us. It has a number of professional IT specialists who take a very responsible approach to their work and have always been able to accommodate us during their cooperation.

Jakub Vaněk
Account Manager — Cloud Solutions,
DNS a.s.

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