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3 min readMar 28, 2022


The second sector we have been in for a really long time is Testing. How do we help our customers in the field? Let´s take a look.


Test automation is an area that is currently on the rise and we are part of this process just because technology is very close to us and we really understand SW testing. We can automate frontend and backend systems, and even try to work on our own test automation procedures and tools.


Perhaps the classics in this area is the Selenium Framework and all its components or extensions. In addition, we use tools from HP or MicroFocus, and we also look a bit at a wider range of tools such as Robot Framework, Katalon or Tosca. Nevertheless, we always strive for the most effective solution and choice of tools for the given technology with respect to the needs of either the client or the project itself.


Perhaps the greatest added value, apart from the time saved in testing automation, is the effort to engage in a complex CI / CD SW development process so that we can detect problems from the very beginning of SW development. This effort reduces the overall cost of both testing and subsequent implementation in a very significant way.


We deal with integration and integration platforms at both large and small clients, as this solution architecture finds application in many applications and systems. That is why we strive to unify our procedures and offer our experience in areas such as telco, insurance, banking or automotive.



The IOOSU portal was created as an information portal first for internal audit and later for the public. In the public zone, it contains generally available information related to the collection of data in the central register, links to methodological materials, currently registers and code lists. The private zone is intended for authorized persons of the institute or authorized external staff.

All members of the Denevy team act as true professionals in their field and are able to perform their duties carefully and efficiently. In the event of a team member failing, Denevy is able to provide adequate replacement in record time.

Pavel Kreipl
Senior Manager, IOOSU



The aim of the project was to provide detailed data for the proposal of possible implementation of migration of individual communication and email solutions with regard to the effectiveness of the subsequent use of Central Group.

As a supplier, Denevy has really proven itself to us. It has a number of professional IT specialists who take a very responsible approach to their work and have always been able to accommodate us during their cooperation.

Jakub Vaněk
Account Manager — Cloud Solutions,
DNS a.s.

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