#6 How we work — Perfomance tests

3 min readApr 6, 2022



Performance tests have been the domain of our specialists for many years. This is an area that we devote ourselves to in terms of complex deliveries of testing with great care, and we make sure that we are able to cover this area as comprehensively as possible.
We understand that the performance of applications and systems is very often crucial to deploying the system into actual operation and has a great impact on the client himself and his profit. Therefore, in performing these tests, we focus on automated simulation of so-called virtual users and measure individual responses under load to be able to assess the performance of a given system objectively.


We very often use JMeter or SmartMeter for generating load and partially monitoring. However, these tools may not be very sophisticated in certain situations and will not meet the needs of the project. At that moment, we reach for tools of stronger caliber such as LoadRunner.
In addition, we try to solve some of our activities with our own scripts and very often rely on monitoring using ElasticSearch or tools such as Dynatrace.


One of the most important information about system performance is finding out the total number of users who can use the application in parallel without compromising user comfort or damaging their or other data.
We are able to deliver this basic information and many other findings to our clients and add a number of consulting recommendations, whether with regard to application settings, infrastructure, solution architecture or the final process.


Within the scope of deliveries of performance tests we operate wherever it is necessary to ensure the smooth running of applications and where the emphasis is often on high systems availability. Our activities are not limited to big players in areas of banks or insurance companies, where we are already relatively well established. Recently, we have been working on projects that have a touch of start-ups, and there we have already secured a number of successful implementations.



The IOOSU portal was created as an information portal first for internal audit and later for the public. In the public zone, it contains generally available information related to the collection of data in the central register, links to methodological materials, currently registers and code lists. The private zone is intended for authorized persons of the institute or authorized external staff.

All members of the Denevy team act as true professionals in their field and are able to perform their duties carefully and efficiently. In the event of a team member failing, Denevy is able to provide adequate replacement in record time.

Pavel Kreipl
Senior Manager, IOOSU



The aim of the project was to provide detailed data for the proposal of possible implementation of migration of individual communication and email solutions with regard to the effectiveness of the subsequent use of Central Group.

As a supplier, Denevy has really proven itself to us. It has a number of professional IT specialists who take a very responsible approach to their work and have always been able to accommodate us during their cooperation.

Jakub Vaněk
Account Manager — Cloud Solutions,
DNS a.s.

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