#7 How we work — Functional Testing

3 min readApr 25, 2022


The software testing process is a complex matter that consists of many aspects. Our approach in this respect is strictly professional and the delivery of quality output is one of the main priorities of our work.
We are able to cover the complete testing process from the design of the tests to their implementation, while managing the whole process efficiently and reliably. We understand the needs of information sharing throughout the project and therefore we use best practices for reporting and communication.


Test Case Management tools are most often used to perform functional tests. Generally, they are MicroFocus (HP ALM), TestRail, TestLink, Spira, or Zephyr.
However, we can proudly state that we are using our own JunoOne test management and defect management tool, which can be found at juno.one.


We are a software testing company since its creation and these activities have become an integral part of our profiling. With this in mind, we are able to provide our clients with professional assistance in solving many problems related to this area and we can also deliver this activity as a service or TaaS — Testing as a Service.


Our clients are mainly brands of international leaders from banks, telecommunication operators, automotive and other industries.
Our new goal is the SME field and our new concept of startuptesting.online suggests that we are also focusing on new and fresh ideas.

REFERENCE | PROJECT KVM virtualization


To simplify the processes for managing development and testing environments, we have prepared a migration to the KVM virtualization platform with the preparation of our own GUI interface for our O2 customer.

We especially appreciated the experience of specialists from Denevy, thanks to which we received quality work. At the same time, we are grateful for flexible and helpful communication.

Martin Frýzl
Senior Manager, O2

REFERENCE | PROJECT EuroDPO — GDPR compliance assessment tool


We implemented the GDPR Compliance Assessment project based on the principles of evaluating cloud services in collaboration with Cloud Partners specialists. The outcome of the project was an online cloud service that will enable clients to “self-assess” GDPR compliance, as well as a follow-up audit by the Institute for Personal Data Protection.

If you are looking for experts in the field, Denevy can be highly recommended. The consulting and services provided in the field of “cloud solutions” really paid off and we are open to further mutual cooperation in the future.

Michaela Renčínová
Consultant, IOOSU

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